Does my refrigerator use climate-friendly R600a refrigerant?

Our refrigerator lineup will use R600a refrigerant exclusively by 2022. Currently the Retro-Mod, Vintage, and Fun series use R600a refrigerant.

iio Kitchen is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our business and products. R600a is an HFC-free refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential and a lower global warming potential compared to earlier refrigerants. By January 2022, all household refrigerators (except for larger built-in refrigerators and freezers) will be required by regulations to use lower global warming refrigerants. 

iio Kitchen has been transitioning to environmentally friendly refrigerants in household refrigerators and freezers and we are proud to offer consumers several models using R600a refrigerant. To assist consumers in their purchasing decisions, we publish the available refrigerator and freezer models already using R600a.