I have frost accumulation on my fridge/freezer walls or floor.

Ice or frost on the walls of your fridge or freezer can be completely normal or a sign of a problem. Below are some causes of normal and abnormal ice build up.

  1. You have a static cooling refrigerator. Static cooling refrigerators do not have a fan and use the back wall of the fridge to remove heat and keep your food fresh. Naturally the back wall will be very cold in these refrigerators (below freezing) and humidity from the air will condense and freeze to it. No action is needed to correct this as the fridge has a defrost cycle that will melt the frost periodically. The melt water will run into the drain hole at the back near the bottom of your fridge. From there it will go into an evaporation tray on top of the compressor and naturally evaporate back into the environment.  You do not have to empty the evaporation tray.
  2. High humidity.
  3. High frequency of door opening.
  4. Warm food placed in the fridge/freezer.
  5. Packages resting against the rear wall

  6. Packages keeping the door open

  7. The door gaskets may not be sealing properly or are torn or split.