There is water and/or ice under the vegetable and fruit pans in my refrigerator.

Water and ice can accumulate under or around the crisper due to excess humidity in the air, drain hole blockage, or a poor door seal.

  1. If this has occurred during the summer and you frequently open the door it could be completely natural and due to the excess moisture in the air. You may have to periodically soak up the water with a towel or cloth until the ambient humidity subsides.
  2. If you have a static cooling system, check the drain hole at the back of the fridge above the crisper. If it is blocked the water generated during the defrost cycle will have nowhere to drain and will overflow into the crisper area.
  3. Check you door gasket for areas that are not sealing well. If the gasket is not sealing perfectly and allowing outside air into the fridge/freezer the moisture in the air will condense on the cold surfaces inside. This will lead to pooling water or sections of ice. Replacing the door gasket should solve this issue if there is a poor seal.