Why is my VR1 difficult to open?

There is may be an issue with the door seal or the legs may not have enough grip on the floor. Follow the checklist below to resolve this issue.

  1. Check that the legs are not sliding along the floor. On low friction surfaces such as tile or hardwood you may need to put grip pads on the legs to prevent sliding.
  2. The door may be sealing extremely well and if the fridge is set below setting 5 the fridge will be getting extremely cold as well. Air loses pressure as it gets colder and the low temperature could be creating an excessive vacuum inside the fridge. Ensure that the thermostat is at setting 5 or above and verify the interior temp is not below freezing. 
  3. Clean and dry the door seal. Apply a very light coat of Vaseline to the door seal to facilitate the opening and closing of the door.
  4. If you have followed the above steps with no effect, the door seal may need to be replaced. Please contact our service department at service@iiokitchen.com or 833-446-4461 ext 2 for further assistance.